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What IS the Elizabethtown Educational Foundation?

We are a private, independent, non profit corporation whose major purpose is to raise funds from private sources for the enrichment of the education program of the Elizabethtown Independent School District. Gifts to this corporation are TAX DEDUCTIBLE to the donor.

How will donations be spent?

Monies donated to EEF are used to SUPPLEMENT the existing educational program of the school district. The foundation never supplants tax supported programs with foundation funds. Examples of previously funded activities include:

Who runs the foundation?

The foundation is managed by a Board of Directors who are citizens in the Elizabethtown area. These individuals receive no income whatsoever from the foundation.  

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How do I make a tax-deductible contribution to the foundation?

Individual donors may make checks payable to the ELIZABETHTOWN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION and mail it in care of EEF, 219 Helm Street, Elizabethtown, KY 42701.

I don't have children enrolled in school. Why should I support the EEF?

Inheriting the tradition of excellence is not a privilege, but a responsibility, both to current AND future students, as well as to the entire community. It is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. With your support, the Elizabethtown Educational Foundation can help the students of our community face the challenges of the future by surpassing the high expectations of our past. We have not achieved our current level of success by accepting statewide, or even national averages; now it is time to set our goals to world-class standards. But bringing this type of quality educational experience to our students will not come without a price. This is why we need people willing to invest in the lives of the students who will lead us into the next century.

How else can I support the EEF?

People who are interested in supporting the EEF have several options available to them. In addition to seeking your financial support, we are also interested in identifying those community members who are interested in volunteering in our schools in a variety of capacities.